Information about the visits

The guided tour in the Cava Museo Fantiscritti will make you live a unique experience, 2000 years of history, art history and social life experienced by these workers.
During our guided tour we will explain to you the phases of the ancient manufacture and transportation of marble and in particularly we will talk about the social aspect that is very hard and very difficult to face for this workers; they have allowed to extract the Marble, which is known worldwide, through the centuries.

The procedure and the prices are the following

  • Adults( at least 10 persons) : 7 €

  • Primary school: 4 € per person

  • Middle school: 6 € per person

  • Scuole superiori: 6 € (Ad alunno)

  • Groups with more than 30 persons: 5 €

  • Leagues and meetings: 5 €

For all modes listed above is required reservation by email